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Shiksha Kendra

Shiksha Kendra is the soul of our school. There are 481 students from class Nursery to III bursting with energy, vigour and hope to achieve high in life. Shiksha Kendra has a special place in the heart of our students and staff. They never miss the opportunity to share their learning with them. One such initiative is taken by the students of class V. They take pride in teaching them English language, telling stories etc. In turn they also learn a lot from Shiksha Kendra students. It is a teaching and learning process combined with fun and awareness.

Teachers of Shiksha Kendra

  • Ms. Usha Singh (Nur)
  • Ms. Sonal(II)
  • Ms. Priti(III)
  • Ms. Madhubala (Nur)
  • Ms. Kanchan Shekhawat(Prep)
  • Ms. Priyanka(Prep)
  • Ms. Meenakshi (I)