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Alumni Speak

Mohit Singh Batch of 2016-17

Currently a 4th year undergraduate at IIT Kharagpur.
My education at DPS Jaipur transformed me holistically with constant inspirations and encouragement from my teachers. I was very young when I developed an interest in science and robots, but I lacked confidence as anyone would without a proper platform. I am incredibly thankful to all my teachers who shaped my abilities in the best possible way where I could believe in myself and pursue exceptional goals. They empowered me to explore my horizons and gave the opportunity to participate in not only the regional and national levels but even at the international levels with constant guidance.
I sincerely believe that it takes a lot of hard work for shaping not only one but every student's future with eternal commitment, which is remarkable, and that is how I define DPS Jaipur.

Kkusha Vohra Batch of 2016

We leave a part of ourselves wherever we go, but probably school is the only place that we take a part of with us, we make it our own, and then we spend the rest of our lives trying to stay the kind of person we stepped out of that institution as. For me DPS has been the place that has helped me identify myself, breaking all notions in my head of fitting into the roles and images created by the society for us. It was this place and the teachers there who made me feel responsible every single time they believed in me to represent them, they made me feel confident about myself whenever I managed to achieve a new milestone in my life and they comforted me every time I failed. So, now when I'm going to be a doctor very soon, I know whom to thank for helping me choose a path of kindness and dedication, the path that this institution has led me on to.

Kushagra Gupta Batch of 2016-17

BS Mathematics and Statistics, IIT Kanpur.
Fourteen years is a long time to spend in a single institute, and in hindsight, DPS Jaipur was the best place for me to spend my formative years. Good facilities and infrastructure are ubiquitous, but what set DPS Jaipur apart was the people who built that place, from the faculty to the staff force.
I'm sure that I speak for all my Dipsite peers that the root cause for our success, both as a professional and as a human being, is our education at DPS.

Nitish Garg

(Studied Manufacturing Engineering from BITS Pilani and pursuing Masters in Financial Engineering from UC Berkeley University, California.)
It gives me immense pride to say that I was part of the first batch of students enrolled in DPS Jaipur and after so many years I still feel privileged and lucky to be part of this great community. DPS Jaipur was more than just a school to me, it was an institution which taught me discipline, built my personality, and empowered me to make important decisions in my career. Through a plethora of extracurricular activities and personalized attention and care from all my teachers, I was able to take up tasks which built my confidence and provided me an opportunity to do something unique and challenging. The learnings I gained during my time at DPS are invaluable to me and I continue to use them throughout my academic and professional endeavours. I owe the growth in my career graph to my school.

Shubham Tikkiwal

DPS, Jaipur gave me the 'grittiness', academic skills and intellectual curiosity to pursue my doctoral studies. The lessons we learn during our schooling years are rarely ever ones we understand at that moment in time. It's only when we are thrown into the fierce "real world", which we start appreciating the values so deeply imbibed in us by our schooling. At DPS, I dared to dream, learnt to excel that I consider my biggest strengths today: the courage to dream big, and the perseverance to go out there and realize my dreams. The high achieving atmosphere made me push myself to my own increasing limits; and the strong support system of faculty and peers enabled me to get back up every time my morale fell through. The school has backed me up at every critical moment and it is safe to say that every teacher has assisted me in every endeavour I chose to uptake.
Those four years of my schooling at DPS paved the path of my success story. Today I am a successful Medical Officer and every ounce of my being is filled with gratitude for my mentors and school.

Sarvesh Jhunjhunwala

"Blessed are those who get the gift of education."
I must confess that I was the fortunate one to have been blessed with the best school, Delhi Public School, Jaipur. The infinite opportunities that the school and educators provided me helped me to scale new heights of success. I am forever indebted to my school and teachers that I got through IIT and pursued my Software Engineering at IIT Guwahati. I am presently working with the prestigious JP Morgan Chase ; a leading trading organisation situated at Mumbai.
I owe my journey of success to Delhi Public School, Jaipur.

Goutham Veeramachaneni

Economics, Mathematics and Computer Science at Dartmouth College
My experience at DPS, Jaipur was nothing short of transformational. I started at the school in 10th grade, and instantly found an immensely supportive and accepting community here. The international exposure and a myriad of extra curricular opportunities I received at DPS fundamentally changed my worldview, challenged me to perform at my full potential, opening up possibilities that were previously unimaginable. My teachers, mentors, and the administration worked selflessly to set me up for success in all my endeavours. They were very approachable throughout the gruelling American college application process, and believed in me in the hardest of times and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Harshita Singh Class of 2019

Pursuing BA Political Science (Honors), Miranda House, University of Delhi
The first time I set foot in DPS Jaipur, was 12 years ago as a 6 yearold, who was in awe of the beautiful campus that it has to offer. Little did I know that DPS would eventually become such a huge part of who I am. It has been one place where I was always appreciated and supported. I was taught in the most productive manner possible, which is the reason that I could develop my skills the way that I have. Even leaving aside skills and academics, I have grown up in school listening to our teachers telling us to be good human beings, and that materialism fades away, but a good spirit is immortal. If I could go back to 2007, and live this journey all over again, I wouldn't think twice. Even though I have left DPS, it hasn’t left me.

Vanshika Jain Class of 2019

Jaipur Topper- Commerce
Pursuing BA Economics (Honours), St. Stephen’s College, University of Delhi
I joined DPS, Jaipur in Nursery with a few tears and a lot of trepidation. Little did I know that this school would give me everything that a growing child can ask for. From a pat on the back, to a place on the stage, to guidance in the middle of the night, my teachers were with me all through. The immaculate planning, the knowledge of the subject and the unparalleled efforts of my teachers helped me achieve what I did. My bond with my institution and teachers is far too deep to be put into words and I know I will continue to fall back on my alma mater whenever life throws challenges at me.

Bhavisha Sharma Class of 2016

BA LLB (Honors) Nalsar, University of Law
At DPS Jaipur, I never ran out of new opportunities and learning experiences. The teachers always extended a helping hand in all difficulties and encouraged me to reach my highest potential. The institution created a holistic environment for me to choose an appropriate career path and the times spent here shall always remain as one of the fondest memories.

Anant Bordia Class of 2014

CA, Pursuing MBA, IIM Ahmedabad
I can- not thank DPS, Jaipur enough for bringing me to where I am today. The academic rigour, the dedication and perseverance of the teachers and their emotional support made me most comfortable in the hostel. My home away from home, the DPS, Jaipur hostel taught me lessons in both independence and inter dependence. Thank you DPS, Jaipur for everything.

Dr. Abhishek Bhargava Class of 2012

MBBS, SMS Medical College, Jaipur
Medicine Resident, SMS Hospital Jaipur
As a young child, I had always been shy and quiet, focusing my attention on academics and putting in every effort to excel in my studies. DPS Jaipur as an institution, and all the teachers that I ever came into contact with in the school, allowed me and gave me every opportunity to hone my skills at being a diligent student, and made sure that I always strived for perfection. I got encouragement at every level- when I did exceedingly well, and even more so when I faltered a little. The love, the genuine hardwork and interest that each and every individual involved with this institution puts into the well being of every child, I believe, is truly evident in that fact that I have been able to achieve my life long dream of becoming a doctor and serving people, just the way my teachers and the school taught me to with our motto “Service before Self”.

Suhasini Gupta Class of 2012

Educator, DPS, Jaipur
BA (Honours), History, Lady Sri Ram College for Women, University of Delhi
MA, History, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.
My tribute to my teachers and my school is that I chose to be an educator and came back to teach in the school and with the teachers who taught me way beyond what mere books had to offer. Be it debating or compering or organizing functions, my teachers were always there to guide and support while I learnt the ropes of leadership. From appreciating music or understanding the layers of the political and social systems of India, my love for lifelong learning started because my teachers sowed that seed in me very young. I hope I am able to give back to my students (who also happen to be my juniors), what my DPS, Jaipur gave me- love for learning, ability to work hard and the sensitivity to be empathetic.

Pratique Kain Class of 2011

Consultant, Global Regulatory Affairs & Government Relations
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Toronto
From academics to squash to theatre and music, there is nothing that my school did not offer. As I stepped into the international arena to study and work, I realized even more how fortunate I had been to study at DPS, Jaipur. It is thanks to the amazing facilities at DPS, Jaipur that I became good enough to play squash for the University of Toronto. It is thanks to my teachers at school that I was able to sustain the academic demands of a foreign university and make it to the Dean’s list. To have studied at DPS, Jaipur has been the biggest boon of my life.

Ayush Bhuyan Class of 2009

IIT Kanpur and Stanford Graduate School of Business, USA
Senior Associate, Pricewaterhouse Coopers
A school is a place that celebrates your inherent strengths and polishes your rough edges. I would not be wrong if I were to say that that is what DPS, Jaipur did for me. To say that I was naughty when I was in school would be stating an obvious fact but did it ever stop me from realizing my full potential- definitely not! My teachers realized that behind that naughty boy lay an inquisitive and sharp mind that wanted to explore beyond the confines of the four walls of the classroom, that wanted to try and test everything, that wanted to question. While they encouraged my curiosity, the simultaneously taught me the value of discipline that has been the mainstay of whatever I have achieved and will do. Thank you DPS, Jaipur for everything.

Karishma Luharuwala Class of 2008

Couturier, Paris Fashion Week & Lakme Fashion Week
To let your imagination run wild, to think outside the box and to dare to dream is what DPS, Jaipur groomed me to do. The demands of the fashion industry are multi fold and to succeed here one needs to learn to adapt. The skills that I learnt while at school have brought me this far and I am sure will take me further. Gratitude and love to an institution that has been an integral part of all that I have achieved.