Junior Labs

Montessori Method tells us that the teachers working with infants have to shoulder more responsibility than a university teacher. Maria Montessori introduced" NEW EDUCATION" where all the areas of personality of a child are developed. Through this method of new education children are free to develop their unified personality. This method helps the teachers to prepare the environment for the child which should be a combination of freedom, structure and order, atmosphere and beauty, reality and nature, Montessori equipments and development of community life. This method of Montessori teaching has been introduced at DPS, Jaipur, Ajmer Road branch. The first step in Montessori education is the introduction of practical life activities. These activities bring children close to the environment and help to develop fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, and concentration through order.
The Number Ninjas Lab
The Junior Math Lab at DPS Jaipur,  'The Number Ninjas' provides the students a place to engage in hands- on learning and explore the Mathematical concepts while having fun at the same time.The Math lab has been designed keeping in mind the learner- centric approach. The students get the opportunities to engage in activity based learning and they are able to comprehend the abstract concepts of Math using specially designed tools.Here, the visual and kinesthetic learning styles facilitate learning and help in developing a favorable attitude towards the learning of Mathematics.
The Curious Cubs Lab
An effective teaching and learning of Science involves a perpetual state of show and tell. The Junior Science Lab at DPS Jaipur, 'The Curious Cubs' serves this very purpose as here, the students get to work collaboratively to find answers to their questions.  The students learn various scientific phenomenons and are able to retain the gained knowledge for a longer period of time as the learning is the outcome of their own experiences. 'Learning by doing'  involves making careful observations and analysis of gathered evidences and data. The students are actively engaged in scientific explorations in the Junior Science lab and they are able to connect their learning with real life situations which is one of the important objectives in educational pedagogy.


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